Meet the team

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Rachel Downey

Rachel is a PhD researcher at the Australia National University and British Antarctic Survey. She works on projects that explore Southern Ocean sponge biogeography using taxonomy and genetics and ice-shelf collapse impacts on sponge communities.

Christoph Held

Camille Moreau

Christoph is a Senior Researcher and Head of Evolutionary Genetics at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany. 
Camille is a PhD student at both University of Brussels (Belgium) and University of Burgundy (France).
His researches focus mostly on sea stars in the Southern Ocean. 

Dave Barnes

Dave is a Benthic Ecologist at the British Antarctic Survey, researching the interactions between benthos and their environment on continental shelves in polar and remote island regions. 

Chester Sands

Narissa Bax

Chester is a Molecular Ecologist working at the British Antarctic Survey. His research focuses on determing the processes that underlie phylogenetic patterns in Antarctica.
Narissa is a benthic biologist at the University of Tasmania, working on all aspects of Antarctic deep-sea corals.

Bernabé Moreno

Kirill Minin

Kirill is a sientist at the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology in Moscow. Kirill's research focuses on the global phylogeography of echinoids (sea urchins), particularly in deep-sea and polar regions.
Bernabé is an MSc student at the Scientific University of the South in Peru. He is a marine ecologist, scientific diver and underwater cameraman specialising in Antarctic macrobenthic communities. 

Maria Paulsen

Oliver Hogg

Maria is a PhD student at the University of Bergen, Norway. She studies the diverse community of tiny animals that live within the sediment (meiofauna), so spends lots time looking down the microscope.
Oliver is a PhD student at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge (UK). Oliver's studies focus on biogeographical and ecological patterns in benthic biodiversity to better inform on conservation and management strategies.